Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our very own bearded Bert Wootton is in this
issue of Focus skate mag with a nasty ollie into 
the sketchiest bank I've ever seen. Mad respect.

Philadelphia streets are rough but Bert was
hyped to say the least. 

When Bert isn't kill'n it he can be seen at the beach 
catching some cosmic rays with a zebra style RND shirt.  

(also look out for this silent killer in Bangerang 
soon to hit the mesh skate park wall) 


corn's closet said...

I guess your homies John Clayton and Brandon Damron don't get to shout outs too, who were in the same issue?

Psyched Floridian said...

Respek to you, Ocon.

chris said...

ocons too cool to have a part cuz he thinks no bodys gonna see bangerang but somehow his atlanta part will be worldwide. once berts part drops ripndip will skyrocket so high that the economy will grow

chris said...

u aint a catepillar bout to morph into a butterfly, ur just some hoe ill pass off to another guy. livin fairytales thinking your all that u should try and moprh into a bitch that aint fat.